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Aesthetic, reliable, the Kia Sportage

Published: 30th June 2017

This blog was written by: Allan Willmott

The Kia Sportage generated more than 10,000 sales last year and a whopping 90,000 sales since its 2010 introduction, with the word reliability strongly associated with Kia’s 2017 Sportage with its dazzling mix of style and practicality. Tweaked for better emissions and economy the Kia Sportage is a fantastic choice for any family looking for a car to get around in. For short trips or long journeys the Kia Sportage is a smart choice.

A smooth drive that offers enough adjustability to cater for all shapes and sizes with a driving position that makes driving easy and clear. The Kia interior looks smart and tasteful with a great combination of matt plastics and some metallic finish providing the comfort and style for driver and passengers, roomy enough for most parents and three kids with comfy seats and logically laid out. The Sportage also has a conveniently large, square shaped boot, big enough for a buggy, a couple sets of golf clubs or several large suitcases.

Build quality is renowned throughout the industry as good especially in the places you interact most with, such as the steering wheel and upper dashboard are soft and high quality. Roomier than rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai with the interior storage spaces not only numerous but well thought out. The front door bins are each big enough for a one-litre bottle of water and there are two handy cup-holders in the centre console.

The Sportage is a strong contender with similar vehicles of its size and price, such as the Renault Kadjar and comes equipped with alloy wheels, all round electric windows, air conditioning, DAB radio, a Bluetooth hands free phone connection and plenty more. It provides value for money with its up-to-date spec, reliability, size and comfort when driving.

If you are interested in leasing a brand new Kia Sportage or would like more information about what we at Wheels4Sure do, call us on: 020 3823 1016. Find out more at here.

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