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Giving local nature a helping hand: Lingfield Nature Reserve

Published: 2nd June 2017

This blog was written by: Allan Willmott

Lingfield Nature Reserve is one of only two  village-based reserves in the UK to be awarded LNR (Local Nature Reserve) status by English Nature. The 25-acre site was set-up and is run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who have managed and developed the site since 1994.

Lying just five miles from our head office in Godstone, we recently heard of the ongoing project and contacted the Committee Member Anne Richards to see if we could help out or get involved. Our marketing and communications manager Paula Edwards was invited on a visit guided tour around the site, ending up in what was once planned as a ‘butterfly garden’, now sadly overrun with scores of geraniums and tall shrubs.

Anne explained that the garden was now past its best and no longer attracting sufficient butterflies, but needed substantial ground works before large swathes would need replanting with selected plants that would bring butterflies back to the gardens.

The butterfly garden is situated to the south of the Reserve, next to Jenner’s Field where the children’s playground and skateboard ramp are situated and is used frequently on the school-run, by locals, dog walkers and nature lovers, so is on a well-used route.

Having seen the site Wheels4Sure and Buy2LetCars decided that they would like to sponsor the regeneration project of the new butterfly garden and supply financial support to cover the groundworks and the restocking of plants.

The project will take several months to realise with a lot of specialist planning required in choosing the correct plants and in deciding how best to undertake the remedial groundworks.

We will be following the process closely and making regular updates on our websites www.wheels4sure.com and www.buy2letcars.com.

If you would like to find out more, visit the site or volunteer some time to one of the projects please visit http://www.lingfieldreserves.org.uk or go to Vicarage Road in Lingfield and see for yourself!


The current entrance tot he Butterfly Garden
Geraniums and tall shrubs have overtaken the site
Tall tress block sunlight in the overgrown gardens

Wheels4Sure - Paula Edwards
Marketing & Communications Manager Paula Edwards

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