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Stand out from other city cars – The Fiat Panda review

Published: 27th February 2017

This blog was written by: Allan Willmott

The Fiat Panda is an excellent city car very different from other cars in its class such as the Hyundai i10, while being a smaller car it is not short on personality with a funky design and style about it as its best feature. A surprisingly big boot for shopping and interior room makes the Panda a great car for getting you to work and back or driving around your local town due to higher up positioning, plenty of visibility and light controls. Fiat has a long history of producing good city cars and the Fiat Panda is no exception to this rule with this run-around.

Handling well on the open road, a practical car but retains its trendy look. A cute looking choice with bags more character than the more conservatively designed Volkswagen UP! Or Kia Picanto. The upright stance, bold details and eye catching blend of straight lines and curves, it definitely stands out. The interior continues the exterior’s sense of fun and quirky design with bright fabrics inside. A reasonable amount of space and adjustment in the driver’s seat with handy storage throughout the car. Complete with 5 doors and alloy wheels the Fiat Panda is in line with the latest specifications of any other car in its class. A smart choice for any young professional or small family. As ever it is available in black or grey whichever you prefer.

Affordably priced at just £289 per month, If you looking for a NEW car and wish to be approved for the Fiat Panda call us on 0203 823 1010 or apply via our website to get the ball rolling and you could be driving away a NEW Fiat Panda very soon.

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